Saturday, November 11, 2006

Something Bigger, Something Better

No, not the game - although I have some interesting memories of playing that as a young adult.

We, at least here in the western world, have created a culture based on individualism. We value our independence so highly that it seems to have overshadowed other realities. It serves our desire to be selfish, at least short-term, and feeds our egos.

Well, Copernicus called... it seems that you are NOT the center of the universe! (me neither)

Here's what I'm getting at - the thing we seem to have lost: You are a part of something bigger than yourself. Several things, as a matter of fact. Ancient cultures seemed to know this. It's even part of the aboriginal "seven teachings". Yet, somehow we seem to have lost this perspective in a sea of fighting for our "rights".

What are these "bigger things"?

Well, for starters, you are a part of your family. You are a part of your community, your workplace or school. You may be part of a sports team, a church, a social club. You are a citizen of your city, province, and country. And ultimately you are a part of the human race, co-existing on this planet with other creatures designed to sustain life.

So why do we have such ridiculously low voter turnout? Why do we see such low recruitment numbers for military service? Why would kids rather run the streets aimlessly than volunteer their time? Why are so many corporations all about profit at any cost (besides monetary)? Why do we only see life's circumstances from the point of view of how it affects us?

Because we've forgotten. It's not all about me.

Personally, I'm going to try to remember. Maybe I can even make this "something bigger" into "something better".