Monday, September 18, 2006

Book Tag

Well, Erica, I'm finally getting around to your tag. Now that I can be read.

So, here goes...

A book that changed my life: The Bride - Rhonda Calhoun. It's an allegory based primarily on Song of Solomon that truly helped me bridge the difficulty I was having with relating to God both as Father and Bridegroom.

A book I read more than once: The Singer Trilogy (The Singer, The Song, The Finale) - Calvin Miller. This may be my favorite thing to read! It's another allegory of the life of Christ (The Singer), the church (The Song) , and the end times (The Finale). And it's all poetry. Beautiful! Do cookbooks count? 'Cause I've got a serious addiction to "Company's Coming". I have 28 of them. No, I don't need an intervention.

A book I would want on a desert island: How to build an unsinkable boat. Comes with full project kit including tools and motor. Just add water! Also titled "Boatbuilding for Dummies". Oh, and I'm sure that Company's Coming must have a book for Desert Island Cooking, don't ya think?

A book that made me laugh: The Far Side - Gary Larson - just about any of 'em. Although Adrian Plass does have a way of making you run for the loo... Oh, and "The Proverbs 31 Lady and Other Impossible Dreams" - Marsha Drake.

A book that made my cry: A Deeper Shade of Grace - Bernadette Keaggy. It recounts their journey with infertility and miscarriage. Also a multiple read.

A book I wish had been written: The complete works of Francis Schaeffer in simple words. aka - Schaeffer for Dummies.

A book I wish had never been written: The Oath - Frank Peretti. There was a waste of paper, IMO. Definitely not up to his previous standards. Oh yeah, and I could really do without The Purpose Driven Life - Rick Wagner. I had issues with his theology around the third day's worth of reading and couldn't be bothered to continue on what I felt was a faulty foundation.

A book I am currently reading: True Spirituality - Francis Schaeffer. How Should We Then Live - Francis Schaeffer. (I've recently read The God Who is There, He is There and He is Not Silent, Escape From Reason, and Death in the City - all by Schaeffer)

A book I've been meaning to read: Genesis in Space and Time - Francis Schaeffer, Joshua and the Flow of Biblical History - Francis Schaeffer, A Christian Manifesto - Francis Schaeffer, The Church at the End of the 20th Century - Francis Schaeffer, The Great Evangelical Disaster - Francis Schaeffer, Pollution and the Death of Man: A Christian View of Ecology - Francis Schaeffer, No Little People - Francis Schaeffer (no, there's no trend here...) my Bible - God (oh, okay, so I've been meaning to read it MORE), ummmm... I've been meaning to reread The Jesus I Never Knew - Philip Yancey. I really should read more Yancey...

Now all I have to do is think of someone to tag...

Hey Carol! What have you been reading? You can post it here if you don't want to do it on your site.

Mel, you're up too!

And Joy, you've always got interesting stuff on the go. Let's hear your answers.